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Identification and function of extracellular protein in wastewater treatment using proteomic approaches: A minireview

Zhang, Peng, Zhu, Jing, Xu, Xiao-Yan, Qing, Tai-Ping, Dai, You-Zhi, Feng, Bo
Journal of environmental management 2019 v.233 pp. 24-29
analytical methods, biodegradation, pollutants, proteins, proteome, proteomics, wastewater treatment
Microbial extracellular proteins serve as important functions in wastewater treatment process. Analysis of their compositions and properties is crucial to probe their specific functions. However, conventional analytical techniques cannot obtain interest protein information from complex proteins. Recently, the extracellular proteomics method has been applied to resolve the composition of extracellular proteins. In order to better understand the roles of extracellular protein in wastewater treatment process, this review provides the information on the proteomics methods and their application in investigating extracellular proteins involved in microbial attachment/aggregation, biodegradation of pollutants, and response to environmental stresses. Future work needs to exploit the full capability of the proteome.