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Comparative Study of the Therapeutic Effect of Panthenol Gel and Mebo Ointment on Metacarpal Wound Healing in Donkeys

Mohamed A. Semieka, Magda M. Ali, Sary Abdel Khafar, Al-lethie A. Al-lethie, Enas Elmeligy
Journal of equine veterinary science 2019 v.74 pp. 21-27
adults, asses, cleaning, forelimbs, gels, histopathology, horses, metacarpus, ointments, therapeutics, tissue repair
Skin wounds represent an enormous clinical and financial problem in equine. The present study evaluated the effect of Panthenol gel and Mebo ointment on metacarpal wounds healing in donkeys. This experimental study was carried out on eighteen adult donkeys divided into three groups each of six donkeys. All animals were exposed to creation of 2 × 2 cm full-thickness skin wound on the dorsal aspect of the metacarpal regions of both forelimbs. All the wounds were cleaned daily with sterile gauze soaked with sterile distilled water. For the Panthenol gel group, 1 finger tip unit (0.5 g) of Panthenol gel was applied once daily over the wound surfaces. For the Mebo ointment group, 1 finger tip unit (0.5 g) of Mebo ointment was applied once daily over the wound surfaces. For control group, the wounds were cleaned with sterile gauze soaked with sterile distilled water without application of any treatment. The wound healing process was compared by gross observation, geometrical assessments of percentage wound contraction, percentage wound epithelialization, percentage wound healing, and histopathological examination. The wound contraction, wound epithelialization, and wound healing percentages in the Panthenol gel group were significantly higher than other groups and by the end of seventh week, all animals’ wounds in the Panthenol gel group had complete healing. Mebo ointment group had no a significant effect on wound epithelialization and wound healing percentages. In conclusion, the study recommended the use of Panthenol gel as an effective and low-cost wound healing promoting agent for full-thickness skin wounds in donkeys.