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DNA barcode, taxonomic and ecological notes for the identification of the invasive amphipod Monocorophium acherusicum (Costa, 1851)

Albano, Mariano J., Rumbold, Carlos, Chiesa, Ignacio L., Vazquez, Guadalupe, Spivak, Eduardo D., Obenat, Sandra M.
New Zealand journal of marine and freshwater research 2019 v.53 no.1 pp. 15-32
Amphipoda, DNA barcoding, biofouling, phylogeny, summer, Argentina
We report the occurrence of the invasive amphipod Monocorophium acherusicum in Mar del Plata port, Argentina, using morphological and molecular analysis and estimated mean abundance to detect monthly variations of this population. We compared M. acherusicum morphology with that of M. insidiosum and Crassicorophium bonelli, the two most similar locally occurring species, to establish the diagnostic characteristics for the correct identification of them; moreover, we provide some taxonomic notes about others corophiids regionally distributed. M. acherusicum were collected in a subtidal biofouling community and its mean abundance was maximum in summer. In the molecular analysis, the maximum-likelihood tree showed that specimens from Mar del Plata were clustered with M. acherusicum specimens from GenBank and Boldsystems. We support and confirm the species identity in Mar del Plata port using DNA barcoding and with taxonomic methods.