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Boron derivatives: As a source of 1-MCP with gradual release

Sarker, Majher I., Fan, Xuetong, Liu, LinShu
Scientia horticulturae 2015 v.188 pp. 36-43
1-methylcyclopropene, ambient temperature, boron, chemical derivatives, cost effectiveness, crop yield, crops, flowers, fruits, rain, ripening, shelf life, structure-activity relationships
1-Methylcycloprene (1-MCP) is a commercially available chemical used for the treatment of flowers or fruits to retard their ripening and thus prolong their shelf-life. The main difficulties associated are it's handling and control release on purpose as 1-MCP is a gas at ambient temperature, which limits its’ broad spectrum of application. In this present study, we synthesized four boron derivatives of methylene cyclopropane (MCP) which are stable at ambient conditions and capable of releasing 1-MCP gradually in contact with water depending on their reaction rates. These or similar compounds will offer better controlled delivery of 1-MCP than the existing technology, selective application, cost effective multi-batch treatment option and more importantly has the potential to be used in open fields to increase the crop yields around the globe. Open field application of 1-MCP can be a solution to protect crops from drought conditions, where higher crop yields are restricted due to inadequate amounts or unequal distribution of rain fall. Investigated complexes could be modified with the replacement of different alkyl or aryl groups and thus generating more complexes to explore.