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Well-ordered mesoporous silica and bioactive glasses: promise for improved hemostasis

Pourshahrestani, Sara, Kadri, Nahrizul Adib, Zeimaran, Ehsan, Towler, Mark R.
Biomaterials science 2018 v.7 no.1 pp. 31-50
antibacterial properties, disease control, hemorrhage, hemostasis, mechanism of action, porous media, silica
Immediate control of uncontrolled bleeding and infection are essential for saving lives in both combat and civilian arenas. Inorganic well-ordered mesoporous silica and bioactive glasses have recently shown great promise for accelerating hemostasis and infection control. However, to date, there has been no comprehensive report assessing their specific mechanism of action in accelerating the hemostasis process and exerting an antibacterial effect. After providing a brief overview of the hemostasis process, this review presents a critical overview of the recently developed inorganic mesoporous silica and bioactive glass-based materials proposed for hemostatic clinical applications and specifically investigates their unique characteristics that render them applicable for hemostatic applications and preventing infections. This article also identifies promising new research directions that should be undertaken to ascertain the effectiveness of these materials for hemostatic applications.