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A novel bioreactor for highly efficient biotransformation of resveratrol from polydatin with high-speed counter-current chromatography

Song, Xiangyun, Cui, Li, Li, Jingang, Yan, Huijiao, Li, Lili, Wen, Lei, Geng, Yanling, Wang, Daijie
Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + [i.e. und] Technologie 2019 v.103 pp. 192-198
Spermatophytina, bioreactors, biotransformation, countercurrent chromatography, enzyme activity, enzyme kinetics, medicinal properties, resveratrol, solubility, solvents
Resveratrol, widely spread in many spermatophytes, is now receiving much attention for its significant pharmacological properties. However, compared with the precursor substance of polydatin, lower content in natural plants limits the use in food and pharmaceutical fields. The aim of the present research was to establish a novel bioreactor with high-speed counter-current chromatography (HSCCC) for the highly efficient biotransformation of resveratrol from polydatin. The suitable enzyme was optimized by the enzyme kinetics parameters. Further, the solvent system and parameters of HSCCC bioreactor was selected according to the partition coefficient, solubility, enzyme activity and retention of the stationary phase. After test different flow-rate, 2 mL/min was chosen as the optimum flow-rate with retention of the stationary phase 71.18% and the purity of resveratrol over 90% within 25 h. The novel HSCCC bioreactor was easy to immobilize and recycle the enzyme, and may be highly application in the preparation of resveratrol.