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Efficacy of co-administration of modified apple polysaccharide and probiotics in guar gum-Eudragit S100 based mesalamine mini tablets: A novel approach in treating ulcerative colitis

Mohanta, Souvik, Singh, Sachin Kumar, Kumar, Bimlesh, Gulati, Monica, Kumar, Rajesh, Yadav, Ankit Kumar, Wadhwa, Sheetu, Jyoti, Jivan, Som, Sananda, Dua, Kamal, Pandey, Narendra Kumar
International journal of biological macromolecules 2019 v.126 pp. 427-435
acetic acid, animal models, antioxidants, apoptosis, apples, coatings, colitis, drugs, guar gum, histopathology, intestinal microorganisms, metastasis, neoplasms, prebiotics, probiotics, rats, therapeutics
Modified Apple Polysaccharide (MAP) has been reported to cure colorectal diseases by up-regulating apoptosis and down regulating metastasis. In the present study, mesalamine (MES) and MAP mini tablets have been prepared and co-administered with probiotics to provide site specific release of drug. Probiotics along with MAP, which acts as a prebiotic would replenish the colonic microflora that have been compromised due to colorectal pathology. MES mini tablets were prepared keeping guar gum in the core and coating them with Eudragit S100 and guar gum. The optimized batch was explored for its curative potential on acetic acid induced ulcerative colitis (UC) in rat model with and without administration of probiotic and MAP. The results revealed that the rats treated with the combination of MAP and MES mini tablets along with probiotics show maximum curative potential. It was also observed that MAP mini tablets show better curative potential as compared to probiotics. The results of disease activity index, macroscopic scoring, antioxidant studies, tumour alpha and histopathological examination suggested that the rats treated with combination of MES-MAP mini tablets and probiotics have maximum therapeutic effect followed by MES mini tablets alone, MAP mini tablets alone and probiotics.