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Truncated chicken MDA5 enhances the immune response to inactivated NDV vaccine

Han, Qingsong, Gao, Xiaolong, Chu, Zhili, Wang, Xiangwei, Eisa Addoma Adam, Fathalrhman, Zhang, Shuxia, Jia, Yanqing, Qiu, Xinxin, Wang, Xinglong, Yang, Zengqi
Veterinary immunology and immunopathology 2019 v.208 pp. 44-52
Adenoviridae, Newcastle disease virus, Orthomyxoviridae, adjuvants, antibodies, chickens, humoral immunity, immune response, immunization, melanoma, morbidity, specific pathogen-free animals, vaccines, viral load, viral shedding, virulence
Melanoma Differentiation-Associated protein 5 (MDA5) is a cytoplasmic sensor for viral invasion and plays an important role in regulation of the immune response against Newcastle disease virus (NDV) in chickens. MDA5 was used as an adjuvant to enhance the humoral immune response against influenza virus. In the current study, truncated chicken MDA5 [1–483 aa, chMDA5(483aa)] expressed by recombinant adenovirus was administered to specific-pathogen-free (SPF) chickens to improve the immune response induced by inactivated NDV vaccine. A total of 156 SPF chickens were divided into six groups, and after two rounds of immunization, the humoral immune response, cell-mediated immune (CMI) response and the protective efficacy of the vaccines against NDV challenge were evaluated. The results showed that co-administration of chMDA5(483aa) expressed by adenovirus increased the NDV-specific antibody response by 1.7 times and chickens received chMDA5(483aa) also gained a higher level of CMI response. Consistently, the protective efficacy of the inactivated NDV vaccine against virulent NDV (vNDV) challenge was improved by co-administrate with chMDA5(483aa), as indicated by the reduced morbidity and pathological lesions, lower levels of viral load in organs and reduced virus shedding. Our study demonstrated that chMDA5(433aa) expressed by adenovirus could enhance the immune efficacy of inactivated NDV vaccine in chickens and could be a potential adjuvant candidate in developing chicken NDV vaccines.