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Application of nozzleless electrostatic atomization to encapsulate soybean oil with solid substances

Mori, Chinatsu, Kadota, Kazunori, Tozuka, Yuichi, Shimosaka, Atsuko, Yoshida, Mikio, Shirakawa, Yoshiyuki
Journal of food engineering 2019 v.246 pp. 25-32
atomization, crystallization, emulsions, encapsulation, lipid content, oxidation, oxidative stability, polyunsaturated fatty acids, powders, soybean oil, taurine, temperature
Many oil-encapsulation techniques, in which particles are used to improve the stability of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) against oxidation and the handling of oils, have been reported. We developed techniques for encapsulating oil within powders with a liquid–liquid interfacial crystallization by using nozzleless electrostatic atomization. This process was used to prepare fine spherical encapsulated soybean oil particles with a microscale single process.An inexpensive soybean oil containing PUFAs was chosen as the oil phase. W/O emulsion systems were synthesized via the electrostatic atomization process. After the W/O emulsions were prepared, glycine and taurine well provided in supplements were used as the wall material for encapsulation. The soybean oil content of the encapsulated particles and their stability at high temperatures were evaluated. The oxidative stability of the soybean oil during high-temperature storage was improved for the encapsulation.