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A novel SNP of PLAG1 gene and its association with growth traits in Chinese cattle

Zhong, Jia-Lin, Xu, Jia-Wei, Wang, Jian, Wen, Yi-fan, Niu, Hui, Zheng, Li, He, Hua, Peng, Kun, He, Pan, Shi, Shu-Yue, Huang, Yin-Qi, Lei, Chu-Zhao, Dang, Rui-Hua, Lan, Xian-Yong, Qi, Xing-Lei, Chen, Hong, Huang, Yong-Zhen
Gene 2019 v.689 pp. 166-171
adenoma, beef cattle, breeding, chest, genes, genotype, growth traits, single nucleotide polymorphism, transcription (genetics), transcription factors
Genetic polymorphism has great influences on the improvement of cattle traits. The polymorphism of the same gene family will greatly change the growth traits of cattle, such as the pleomorphic adenoma gene (PLAG) family. Many studies have shown that the PLAG family proteins are the transcription regulators of nuclear protein, which mainly regulates the expression of many important genes in the body. In cattle, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) within or near the PLAG1 gene is associated with economic traits of height in cattle. Here we investigate a SNPs of bovine PLAG1 in 646 cattle from five breeds. We found three different genotypes by using cleaved amplification polymorphism sequence-tagged sites (CAPs), includes some significant differences in body height, chest circumference and other shapes (P < 0.05), also we found that the TT genotype had no advantage in body shape. These results indicate that the selection of PLAG1 gene could be used to ensure the breeding direction for growth traits of the beef cattle.