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Megasphaera elsdenii Attenuates Lactate Accumulation in Cultures of Equine Cecal Microorganisms Provided With Starch or Oligofructose

Douthit, Teresa L., Leventhal, Hannah R., Uwituze, Solange, Halpin, Michael Y., Araújo Lopes, Ana Laura, Drouillard, James S.
Journal of equine veterinary science 2019 v.74 pp. 1-8
Megasphaera elsdenii, butyrates, cannulas, corn starch, fructooligosaccharides, horses, inoculum, intestinal microorganisms, inulin, lactic acid, pH, propionic acid, starch
The effects of adding Megasphaera elsdenii (ME) to equine cecal microorganisms provided oligofructose (inulin [IN]) or corn starch (CS) were evaluated. Four cecally cannulated horses (529 ± 70 kg BW) were used as donors of cecal inoculum for randomized complete block experiments with 2 × 2 factorial treatment arrangements. Factor 1 was carbohydrate source (IN or CS). Factor 2 was level of added ME [7.93 × 108 CFU (study 1; with ME), 2 × 107 CFU (study 2; with ME), or 0 CFU]. In study 1, 150 mL cultures were incubated for 48 hours. In study 2, 20 mL cultures were incubated for 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48 hours. In study 1, gas production ceased after 8 hours in cultures provided IN without ME, whereas other cultures remained active for 48 hours. Cultures containing IN yielded greater lactate (P < .01), whereas ME led to decreased lactate (P = .01). In study 2, there were carbohydrate × hour interactions on lactate, butyrate, and propionate production (P < .01). Although there were no effects of ME in study 2 (P > .05), ME reduced lactate accumulation, stabilized pH, and enhanced fermentative activity in study 1.