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Optimal site selection of straw biomass power plant under 2-dimension uncertain linguistic environment

Wu, Yunna, Sun, Xiaokun, Lu, Zhiming, Zhou, Jianli, Xu, Chuanbo
Journal of cleaner production 2019 v.212 pp. 1179-1192
biomass, decision making, expert opinion, models, power plants, straw, uncertainty
The optimal site selection is extremely important for straw biomass power plant. Uncertainty composed of fuzziness and randomness is an important issue in the site selection under increasingly complex environments. The 2-dimension linguistic information is a powerful tool to express the fuzziness of information, and meanwhile, the cloud model depicts the randomness of information with three numerical characteristics perfectly. Combining them together, this paper proposes the specialized decision framework of straw biomass power plant site selection. Firstly, a comprehensive set of index system is established to meet the need of scientific and reasonable evaluation. Secondly, the paper combines three-parameter interval number and order relation to determine the index weight, the importance of each factor is calculated. Thirdly, this paper uses the 2-dimension uncertain linguistic variable group decision-making model which solves the bias caused by individuals, fully expresses expert opinions and reflects the psychological states well, reduces the information missing. Finally, the paper proposes the specialized decision framework of straw biomass power plant site selection which clearly standardizes the decision-making process, provides the project managers with executable and real solutions. The results show that the model is very effective to study the straw biomass power plant site selection and is well worth popularizing in the future studies.