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Protective role of Spirulina platensis against UVA-induced haemato-biochemical and cellular alterations in Clarias gariepinus

Osman, Alaa, Hamed, Mohamed, Sayed, Alaa
Journal of photochemistry and photobiology 2019 v.191 pp. 59-64
Arthrospira platensis, Clarias gariepinus, abnormal development, antioxidants, biomarkers, catfish, cytotoxicity, dose response, erythrocytes, microalgae, mutagens, protective effect, ultraviolet radiation
Recently, it has become widely recognized that ultraviolet A (UVA) exposure is harmful for both aquatic and terrestrial organisms. Many studies have reported the effects of UVA on aquatic animals, especially fish, but little is known about the antioxidant role of microalgae in ameliorating the negative effects of UVA exposure. Recently, there has been great interest in using Spirulina platensis (SP) as a dietary antioxidant agent. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the protective role of SP against UVA-induced effects by analysing haemato-biochemical alterations and erythrocyte cytotoxic and genotoxic biomarkers in African catfish (Clarias gariepinus). Fish were exposed to UVA, UVA + 100 mg/L SP extract, UVA + 200 mg/L SP extract for 3 days (UVA exposure: 1 h/day), and were not subjected to treatment (control group). The results showed the presence of some morphological malformations in red blood cells (RBCs) after UVA exposure. Additionally, nuclear abnormalities, including micronuclei, were observed. UVA induced alterations in most of the haemato-biochemical indices. Adding SP to the fish aquaria restored the haemato-biochemical parameters to their control values. In addition, SP repaired cellular damage in a dose-dependent manner. We conclude that SP plays a modulatory role in preventing and/or repairing the haemotoxic effects induced by UVA.