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Sinkhole formation hazard assessment

Strzałkowski, Piotr
Environmental earth sciences 2019 v.78 no.1 pp. 9
buildings, computer software, hazard characterization, infrastructure, mathematical models, mining
Sinkholes forming as a result of loss of stability of shallow voids of natural or anthropogenic origin (mining activity) pose a serious hazard to buildings and infrastructure and especially to the inhabitants of the area. The paper presents an example of the verification of the author’s mathematical model of forecasting the formation of sinkholes. The verification was performed with the use of a computer program for a case that was strictly compliant to the model assumptions. The sinkhole has formed above a working located at the depth of 54 m, outside the area of bifurcations or crossings with another gallery. The working was not influenced by mining exploitation, which means that the analysed case fully met the assumptions of the adopted mathematical model. The calculations of the sinkhole dimensions were also carried out, providing results that correspond to the actual conditions. The calculations and the performed analysis have confirmed the usability of the proposed model.