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Mineralogical characterization of some surface soils in River Nile, Upper Egypt

Naguib Gindy, Nazeh
Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Research (Online) 2018 v.44 no.4 pp. 279-290
arable soils, carbonates, cultivation area, mica, streams, Egypt, Nile River
The present investigation is imitated to the mineralogical characterization of some surface soils across and along the River Nile in Upper Egypt. Samples of studied are located in the area between Kom Ombo in the south and Manfalout in the north and represent the different soils of the low cultivated area and the higher arable lands on both sides of the Nile stream. The study has showed that the heavy fraction content of the different samples tend to decrease from south to north. The highest concentration of the heavy fraction was found in the soils close to the stream, especially in the area of the Nile Qena bend from Esna to Nag Hammadi. Variations in the percentage of the heavy residue of the studied soils were clearer across the stream than along the Nile. Regarding light minerals variations, it was found that the most notable feature is the increase of carbonate in soils located away from the Nile stream. Mica and chlorite minerals revealed a general decrease in frequency with the increase of distance from the Nile.