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Review of research on pasture yield responses to fine particle application of fertiliser in New Zealand

Morton, Jeff, Tillman, Russell, Morton, Allan
New Zealand journal of agricultural research 2019 v.62 no.2 pp. 210-223
fertilizer application, fertilizers, grain yield, liquids, nitrogen, pastures, phosphorus, New Zealand
There have been several claims that because of more efficient uptake and reduction of losses, nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) in a fine particle application (FPA) form results in improved pasture yield responses compared with application in the standard granular form. A total of 22 structured trials comparing pasture and wheat yield responses from FPA and dissolved liquid with granular forms were reviewed as part of this study. Of eight statistically analysed trials investigating FPA, only in the two small-scale trials was a significant pasture yield to FPA over a granular product reported. Not one of the nine trials comparing fully dissolved liquid and granular forms of N and P showed an advantage to the liquid form. It was concluded that currently there was insufficient experimental evidence to recommend the use of FPA fertilisers over the standard granular form of application.