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Assessment of stakeholder perceptions of the damage to silo bags by vertebrate species in Argentina

Zufiaurre, Emmanuel, Abba, Agustín M., Bilenca, David N.
Human dimensions of wildlife 2019 v.24 no.1 pp. 80-86
Dasypodidae, bags, dogs, financial economics, questionnaires, rodents, silos, stakeholders, Argentina
We conducted an on-line questionnaire to assess stakeholder perceptions about damage to silo bags by vertebrate species in Argentina. We received 190 responses reporting damage to silo bags by vertebrates from the Pampas, Espinal, and Chaco regions. More than two-thirds of respondents indicated armadillos were the main harmful species, followed by rodents and dogs. Frequency of damage to silo bags was higher for armadillos (79%) than for the other species together (64%), and was higher in the Pampas (79%) than in the other regions (45–66%), suggesting a latitudinal gradient of damage. Economic losses were reported as “medium” or “high” by 37% of respondents. According to these stakeholders, damage to silo bags by vertebrates is a regionally extended phenomenon in most of the Argentine agricultural region and it is recognized as economically relevant by these stakeholders. Management of this conflict should focus on environmental aspects.