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Application of the Innovative Trend Analysis Method for the Trend Analysis of Rainfall Anomalies in Southern Italy

Caloiero, T., Coscarelli, R., Ferrari, E.
Water resources management 2018 v.32 no.15 pp. 4971-4983
autumn, data collection, meteorological data, rain, rain gauges, spring, summer, winter, Italy, Sicily
In this paper, an investigation of the temporal rainfall variability, in a large area of southern Italy, has been carried out using a homogeneous monthly rainfall dataset of 559 rain gauges with more than 50 years of observation. The area under investigation is a large portion of the Italian peninsula, ranging from the Campania and the Apulia regions in the North, to Sicily in the South, and covering an area of about 85,000 km². Possible trends in seasonal and annual rainfall values have been detected by means of a new graphical technique, Şen’s method, which allows the trend identification of the low, medium and high values of a series. Moreover, the Mann–Kendall test has been also applied. As a result, different values and tendencies of the highest and of the lowest rainfall data have emerged among the five regions considered in the analysis. In particular, at seasonal scale, a negative trend has been detected especially in winter and in autumn in the whole study area, whereas not well defined trend signals have been identified in summer and spring.