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Notes on insects captured in codling moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) surveillance traps in South Korea over the last eight years

Son, A.‐R., Suh, S.‐J., Park, Y.‐M.
Bulletin OEPP 2018 v.48 no.3 pp. 578-582
Anthocoridae, Chrysopidae, Coleoptera, Cydia pomonella, Diptera, Formicidae, monitoring, moths, nontarget organisms, photographs, traps, South Korea
A total of 53 non‐target species representing six orders of insects were captured in the codling moth, Cydia pomonella surveillance traps placed in South Korea over the last 8 years. These included 20 species (37.7%) of moths (Lepidoptera) belonging to 9 families of which 9 species were tortricids, 12 species (22.6%) of beetles (Coleoptera) belonging to 10 families, 11 species (20.8%) of flies (Diptera) belonging to 7 families; 5 species of true bugs (Hemiptera) belonging to 4 families including one species of Anthocoridae (9.4%); 2 species (3.8%) of Hymenoptera belonging to the family of Formicidae and 3 species (5.7%) of Neuroptera belonging to the family Chrysopidae. A list of the species of non‐target insects captured in the codling moth surveillance traps is provided. A brief description and photographs of Aterpia issikii Kawabe are provided: this is the first record of the tortricid moth for South Korea.