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Combination of ELISA screening and seroneutralisation tests to expedite Zika virus seroprevalence studies

Nurtop, Elif, Villarroel, Paola Mariela Saba, Pastorino, Boris, Ninove, Laetitia, Drexler, Jan Felix, Roca, Yelin, Gake, Bouba, Dubot-Peres, Audrey, Grard, Gilda, Peyrefitte, Christophe, Priet, Stéphane, de Lamballerie, Xavier, Gallian, Pierre
Virology journal 2018 v.15 no.1 pp. 192
Zika virus, blood donors, cost effectiveness, dengue, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, immunoglobulin G, neutralization tests, screening, serological surveys, seroprevalence, Martinique
Here we propose a strategy allowing implementing efficient and practicable large-scale seroepidemiological studies for Zika Virus (ZIKV). It combines screening by a commercial NS1 protein-based Zika IgG ELISA, and confirmation by a cytopathic effect-based virus neutralization test (CPE-based VNT). In post-epidemic samples from Martinique Island blood donors (a population with a dengue seroprevalence above 90%), this strategy allowed reaching specificity and sensitivity values over 98%. The CPE-based VNT consists of recording CPE directly under the optical microscope, which is easy to identify with ZIKV strain H/PF/2013 at day 5 pi. Overall, considered that CPE-based VNT is cost effective and widely automatable, the NS1 protein-based Zika IgG ELISA+CPE-based VNT combination strategy represents a convenient tool to expedite ZIKV seroprevalence studies.