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The effect of acid‐deamidated wheat gluten on the sensory profile and consumer acceptance of ice cream

He, Wenmeng, Gasmalla, Mohammed Abdalbasit A., Yang, Ruijin, Zhao, Wei
International journal of food science & technology 2019 v.54 no.1 pp. 42-53
acetic acid, citric acid, consumer acceptance, consumer preferences, dried skim milk, factor analysis, flavor, ice cream, principal component analysis, prototypes, sensory evaluation, tartaric acid, texture, viscosity, wheat gluten
The effect of wheat gluten (WG) modified by acetic acid, tartaric acid and citric acid on sensory profile and consumer acceptance of ice cream was examined. A sensory profile of ice cream including six flavours and six textures descriptors was developed by quantitative descriptive analysis. Principal component analysis and confidence ellipse analysis results indicated that ice cream C2 (substitution of 20% of skim milk powder with citric acid‐deamidated WG) was the most similar to ice cream control (Ctrl) (without acid‐deamidated WG). Multiple factor analysis proved that physical viscosity and overrun properties were key factors affected the sensory texture properties of ice cream samples. External preference mapping indicated that consumer acceptance of Ctrl and C2 was the highest, and the inducing factors were ‘sweetness’, ‘dairy flavour’, ‘fat feel’, ‘meltdown’ and ‘density’ attributes. The C2 ice cream was suggested as a prototype for further development of ice cream with citric acid‐deamidated WG.