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Nutritional quality of beef patties with added flaxseed and tomato paste

Valenzuela-Melendres, Martín, Camou, Juan Pedro, Torrentera-Olivera, Noemí Guadalupe, Viuda-Martos, Manuel, González-Rios, Humberto
CyTA: journal of food 2018 v.16 no.1 pp. 263-270
alpha-linolenic acid, beef, fatty acid composition, ingredients, linseed, nutrient content, nutritive value, patties, physicochemical properties, sensory properties, tomato paste
The aim of this work was to evaluate the physicochemical, sensory and nutritional properties of beef patties with added combinations of flaxseed (FS) and tomato paste (TP). Treatments were as follows: control = 0%FS + 0%TP; T1 = 0%FS + 20%TP; T2 = 5%FS + 15%TP; T3 = 10%FS + 10%TP; T4 = 15%FS + 5%TP; and T5 = 20%FS + 0%TP. Sensory properties for treatments T1 and T2 were similar to the control, while T3 showed acceptable sensory scores (>5.0). The α-linolenic acid content of beef patties increased as FS addition increased. The polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA)/saturated fatty acid ratio increased from 0.24 in the control treatment to 4.49 in T5. The PUFAs ratio n6/n3 decreased from 7.18 in the control treatment to 0.29 in T5. A combination of FS and TP can be used as novel ingredients to develop beef patties with better nutritional profile without demerit of their sensory and physicochemical properties.