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Occurrence and Human Exposure Assessment of Short- and Medium-Chain Chlorinated Paraffins in Dusts from Plastic Sports Courts and Synthetic Turf in Beijing, China

Cao, Dandan, Gao, Wei, Wu, Jing, Lv, Kun, Xin, Shanzhi, Wang, Yawei, Jiang, Guibin
Environmental science & technology 2018 v.53 no.1 pp. 443-451
adults, alkanes, breast milk, children, dust, exposure assessment, friction, geometry, humans, lawns and turf, plastics, risk, rubber, China
This study presents the first investigation of concentrations and congener group patterns of short- and medium-chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs and MCCPs) in 159 dust samples from plastic sports courts and synthetic turf in Beijing, China. The geometric mean concentration of SCCPs and MCCPs in dusts from plastic tracks (5429 and 15157 μg g–¹) and basketball courts (5139 and 11878 μg g–¹) were significantly higher than those from plastic tennis courts, badminton courts, and synthetic turf; meanwhile, they were 1–3 orders of magnitude higher than in dusts from other indoor environments. The friction between sneaker soles and plastic track materials may lead to the wear and decomposition of rubber, which may be an important source of chlorinated paraffins (CPs) in the dust from plastic tracks. The mean estimated daily intakes of CPs from plastic tracks and basketball courts are generally higher than those estimated from dietary, breast milk, or other indoor dust sources. The margin of exposure for adults and children was greater than 1000 both at mean and high-exposure scenarios, indicating that no significant health risks were posed by CPs in the dust from plastic sports courts and synthetic turf.