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Hydrogen peroxide plays an important role in PERK4-mediated abscisic acid-regulated root growth in Arabidopsis

Ma, Xiaonan, Zhang, Xiaoran, Yang, Ling, Tang, Mengmeng, Wang, Kai, Wang, Li, Bai, Ling, Song, Chunpeng
Functional plant biology 2019 v.46 no.2 pp. 165-174
Arabidopsis, abscisic acid, genes, hydrogen peroxide, mutants, phenotype, respiratory burst, root growth, root tips
Abscisic acid (ABA) is a crucial factor that affects primary root tip growth in plants. Previous research suggests that reactive oxygen species (ROS), especially hydrogen peroxide, are important regulators of ABA signalling in root growth of Arabidopsis. PROLINE-RICH EXTENSIN-LIKE RECEPTOR KINASE 4 (PERK4) plays an important role in ABA responses. Arabidopsis perk4 mutants display attenuated sensitivity to ABA, especially in primary root growth. To gain insights into the mechanism(s) of PERK4-associated ABA inhibition of root growth, in this study we investigated the involvement of ROS in this process. Normal ROS accumulation in the primary root in response to exogenous ABA treatment was not observed in perk4 mutants. PERK4 deficiency prohibits ABA-induced expression of RESPIRATORY BURST OXIDASE HOMOLOGUE (RBOH) genes, therefore the perk4-1 mutant showed decreased production of ROS in the root. The perk4-1/rbohc double mutant displayed the same phenotype as the perk4 and rbohc single mutants in response to exogenous ABA treatment. The results suggest that PERK4-stimulated ROS accumulation during ABA-regulated primary root growth may be mediated by RBOHC.