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Facile approach for a robust graphene/silver nanowires aerogel with high-performance electromagnetic interference shielding

Liu, Xiaoting, Chen, Tianrui, Liang, Hao, Qin, Faxiang, Yang, Hui, Guo, Xingzhong
RSC advances 2018 v.9 no.1 pp. 27-33
aerogels, ambient pressure, deformation, drying, electrical properties, electromagnetic interference, electron transfer, graphene, graphene oxide, mixing, nanocomposites, nanosilver, nanowires, silver, strength (mechanics)
Robust graphene/silver nanowires (AgNWs) hybrid aerogels were fabricated by facile processes including mixing directly, reducing, and ambient pressure drying. The mechanical properties and electromagnetic interference (EMI)-shielding performance of the resultant hybrid aerogels were investigated in detail. Because silver nanowires with a high aspect ratio have been acting as crosslinkers to bridge two-dimensional graphene sheets, a highly porous and electrically conducting framework can resist high external loading to prevent major deformation and act as an express way for electron transport. Consequently, the hybrid aerogel exhibits large mechanical strength of 42 kPa, 35 times larger than that of the neat reduced graphene oxide aerogel (1.2 kPa), which can resist great damage. More importantly, the as-prepared aerogel possesses high EMI-shielding performance of up to ∼45.2 dB due to its unique nanostructure and good electrical properties. These results indicate that graphene/AgNWs hybrid aerogel prepared using this simplified method promises to be an ideal functional component for mechanically robust and high-performance EMI-shielding nanocomposites.