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Cold survival strategies for bacteria, recent advancement and potential industrial applications

Dhaulaniya, Amit S., Balan, Biji, kumar, Mohit, Agrawal, Pawan K., Singh, Dileep Kumar
Archives of microbiology 2019 v.201 no.1 pp. 1-16
alkalinity, anthropogenic activities, bacteria, biogeochemical cycles, cold, cold zones, environmental factors, enzymes, industrial applications, salinity, temperature
Microorganisms have evolved themselves to thrive under various extreme environmental conditions such as extremely high or low temperature, alkalinity, and salinity. These microorganisms adapted several metabolic processes to survive and reproduce efficiently under such extreme environments. As the major proportion of earth is covered with the cold environment and is exploited by human beings, these sites are not pristine anymore. Human interventions are a great reason for disturbing the natural biogeochemical cycles in these regions. The survival strategies of these organisms have shown great potential for helping us to restore these pristine sites and the use of isolated cold-adapted enzymes from these organisms has also revolutionized various industrial products. This review gives you the insight of psychrophilic enzyme adaptations and their industrial applications.