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Remote sensing application for the study of rapid flushing to remediate eutrophication in shallow lagoons (Albufera of Valencia)

Sòria-Perpinyà, Xavier, Miracle, Maria R., Soria, Juan, Delegido, Jesús, Vicente, Eduardo
Hydrobiologia 2019 v.829 no.1 pp. 125-132
chlorophyll, eutrophication, remote sensing, water quality
Albufera of Valencia shallow lagoon experiences water clarification about once a year. This study aimed to observe the timing of water clarity events and to detect the associated flow during these periods. Spatial variation in chlorophyll a along the Albufera was observed using remote sensing images. Due to the lagoon’s spatial complexity and the varying water qualities flowing in from more than 60 tributaries, remote sensing was the only approach that could obtain images simultaneously covering the entire lagoon. The data were used to explore the evolution, duration and intensity of the clear-water phase, and the lagoon’s subsequent re-eutrophication. The duration and intensity of the clear-water phase varied across the lagoon, but complete water quality renovation occurred in 1 week. Our analysis demonstrates that rapid flushing could remediate the lagoon eutrophication.