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Use of algae in strawberry management

Righini, Hillary, Roberti, Roberta, Baraldi, Elena
Journal of applied phycology 2018 v.30 no.6 pp. 3551-3564
European Union, agrochemicals, algae, antifungal properties, chemical treatment, crops, fungi, greenhouses, mechanism of action, nutrition, pathogens, pesticides, plant protection, soil, soilless culture, strawberries, vigor
In agriculture, extracts from algae are used for their stimulant effects on plant vigor and productivity but little is known on their effect against fungal pathogens. However, the recent EU restriction on synthetic pesticides made the management of fungal plant pathogens difficult and greatly stimulated the research of alternative solutions to chemicals. Applications of extracts from algae can help limit disease spread in several crops and the development effective alternatives to chemical treatment in crop protection and nutrition management. In particular, for strawberry, the management of a number of serious diseases in open field and greenhouse in soil or soilless cultivation has become difficult due to recent restrictions in agrochemical use and the lack of effective alternatives. This review provides an overview of the most recent findings on the potential use of extracts of algae for strawberry management, concerning both their biostimulant effects and antifungal properties against pathogens. The existing reports on this topic show the strong potential of algae extracts application on plants both as biostimulants and bioprotectants against fungal pathogens. Further investigation is needed to fully uncover the interesting and exploitable antifungal properties of extracts from algae and to clarify the mechanism of action of extracts and singular components against pathogens.