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Rapid and low-cost laser synthesis of hierarchically porous graphene materials as high-performance electrodes for supercapacitors

Wang, Fangcheng, Mei, Xuesong, Wang, Kedian, Dong, Xia, Gao, Meng, Zhai, Zhaoyang, Lv, Jing, Zhu, Chenguang, Duan, Wenqiang, Wang, Wenjun
Journal of materials science 2019 v.54 no.7 pp. 5658-5670
capacitance, electrochemistry, electrodes, energy, graphene, micropores, microstructure, nitrogen, polymers, porosity
Development of 3D hierarchically porous graphene (HPG) with supercapacitor performances at low cost has remained a challenge in electrochemical devices. Recently, laser engraving technology has been proposed as a promising and very useful method to inscribe self-designed electrode array directly onto polymeric substrates by instantaneously converting the starting material into few-layer graphene. Here we show HPG fabrication on commercial bakelite resulting in porous graphene embedded in polymer surface using the high repetition nanosecond fiber laser engraving under nitrogen atmosphere. The results showed that the as-prepared HPG presents a combination of interconnected macro-, meso- and micropores with a multi-modal pore size distribution. The morphologies, microstructures and their properties of HPG films can be governed by the laser processing parameters. Moreover, the HPG-based supercapacitors show outstanding electrochemical performance with specific capacitance superior to other supercapacitors reported previously. The simple, rapid and low-cost approach proposed in this work has great potential in large-scale applications of electronic and energy storage devices.