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RETRACTED ARTICLE: Immobilization of Heavy Metals in e-Waste Contaminated Soils by Combined Application of Biochar and Phosphate Fertilizer

Huang, Ling, Liu, Chong, Liu, Xiaowen, Chen, Zhiliang
Water, air, and soil pollution 2019 v.230 no.2 pp. 26
adsorption, ammonium nitrogen, bioaccumulation, biochar, biomass, cadmium, chelation, copper, electronic wastes, heavy metals, lead, lettuce, phosphorus fertilizers, physicochemical properties, polluted soils, roots, shoots, tissues, zinc
This paper reports the effects of single and combined application of biochar and phosphate fertilizer on immobilization of heavy metals in e-waste-contaminated soils. The results showed that combined amending biochar and phosphate fertilizer improved physical and chemical characteristics of soil but resulted in ammonium nitrogen loss. Biochar combined with phosphate fertilizer increased shoot biomass of lettuce while biochar applied alone could inhibit the growth of lettuce. A distinct decrease of heavy metal concentrations in lettuce was observed in phosphate fertilizer + biochar (3.0%) treatments while highest heavy metal concentrations in shoots and roots were observed in control treatments. In phosphate fertilizer (0.8%) + biochar (3.0%) treatment, Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn concentrations of lettuce leaf were reduced by 34.78%, 29.37%, 46.59%, and 40.95%, respectively. Biochar + phosphate fertilizer and biochar both reduced bioconcentration of Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn in different tissues of lettuce while transshipment of Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn from root to shoot increased after combined amendment of biochar with phosphate fertilizer. Application of phosphate fertilizer + biochar enhanced the immobilization of Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn by decreasing the exchangeable Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn in the soil. Precipitation, adsorption, ionic exchange, and chelation contributed to the good immobilization capacity of biochar + phosphate fertilizer on Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn in e-waste-contaminated soils.