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Camera sensor-based contamination detection for water environment monitoring

Wang, Yong, Zhang, Xufan, Chen, Jun, Cheng, Zhuo, Wang, Dianhong
Environmental science and pollution research international 2019 v.26 no.3 pp. 2722-2733
cameras, ecosystems, environmental monitoring, field experimentation, human health, pollutants, visual perception, water quality
Water environment monitoring is of great importance to human health, ecosystem sustainability, and water transport. Unlike traditional water quality monitoring problems, this paper focuses on visual perception of water environment. We first introduce the development of a customized aquatic sensor node equipped with an embedded camera sensor. Based on this platform, we present an efficient and holistic contamination detection approach, which can automatically adapt to the detection of floating debris in dynamic waters or the identification of salient regions in static waters. Our approach is specifically designed based on compressed sensing theory to give full consideration to the unique challenges in water environment and the resource constraints on sensor nodes. Both laboratory and field experiments demonstrate the proposed method can fast and accurately detect various types of water pollutants and is a better choice for camera sensor-based water environment monitoring compared with other methods.