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Co-precipitation synthesis of ZnO–TiO2 nanostructure composites for arsenic photodegradation from industrial wastewater

Arabnezhad, M., Shafiee Afarani, M., Jafari, A.
International journal of environmental science and technology 2019 v.16 no.1 pp. 463-468
arsenic, copper, coprecipitation, industrial wastewater, irradiation, nanomaterials, photocatalysis, photolysis, powders, titanium, zinc, zinc acetate
In present work, controlled TiO₂–ZnO ratio nanostructure composite powders synthesized via co-precipitation method from zinc acetate and titanium tetrachloride as starting materials were obtained. Samples with different Ti/Zn precursor ratios were prepared for the study. Photocatalytic activities of the particles were evaluated under UV and visible light sources, using both arsenic-laced solution and industrial copper smelting wastewater. Results generally show that nanopowder composites are formed. Samples with Ti/Zn precursor ratio of 90:10 and 50:50 showed considerable photocatalytic activities leading to up to 90% arsenic degradation under UV and visible light irradiation; however, compared experientially made a solution in the laboratory, the industrial wastewaters resulted in less arsenic photodegradation.