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Abundance estimation of crossover double particle swarms optimization for hyperspectral remote sensing imagery

Quan, Jianing, Kang, Zhilong, Chen, Lei, Guo, Yanju, Zhang, Xueping
International journal of remote sensing 2018 v.39 no.23 pp. 9134-9158
algorithms, mixing, remote sensing, statistical models, system optimization
Hyperspectral unmixing (HU) is an important technique for extracting materials and their abundance in hyperspectral remote sensing imagery. The presence of nonlinear mixing of light on the ground poses a difficult problem when estimating abundance fractions of all pixels. This problem makes the foundation of algorithms that can adapt all types of nonlinear mixing on the ground more complex and challenged. In this paper, a new bionic intelligent algorithm named crossover double particle swarms optimization (CDPSO) has been presented to estimate abundance for hyperspectral remote sensing imagery. The reconstruction error is used as the objective function for HU based on multilinear mixing model, and the nonlinear unmixing is transformed into an optimization problem. By improving the optimization performance of PSO for HU, we embed two types of new strategies, including double particle swarms crossover and swarm re-initialization, respectively. Our experiments, conducted using both synthetic and real hyperspectral data, demonstrate that the proposed CDPSO algorithm can outperform other state-of-the-art unmixing methods.