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Accumulative effects of humic acid and multinutrient foliar fertilizers on the vegetative and reproductive attributes of citrus (Citrus reticulata cv. kinnow mandarin)

Hameed, Amir, Fatma, Shabih, Wattoo, Javed Iqbal, Yaseen, Muhammad, Ahmad, Saeed
Journal of plant nutrition 2018 v.41 no.19 pp. 2495-2506
Citrus reticulata, ascorbic acid, chlorophyll, citriculture, fertilizers, field experimentation, fruit drop, fruit set, fruit yield, humic acids, leaves, mandarins, nutrients, phenology, physicochemical properties, plant height, trees
Field trials were performed to investigate the effects of humic acid (HA) and multinutrient foliar fertilizer “Micro Power” (MP) coupled with farmer’s practices (FP), addressed in single and/or split dose frames at different plant phenological stages on various vegetative, reproductive, and physiological attributes of citrus trees (Citrus reticulata cv. kinnow mandarin). The results exhibited a profound response of treatments on various growth parameters (32.5% increase in plant height, 22.2% increase in fruit set branch⁻¹, 5.25% decrease in fruit drop percentage, 89.81% increase in fruit yield (kg), etc.) of citrus trees when compared to the control (FP). Likewise, a significant positive response was observed regarding various plant physiological parameters (leaf nutrients, total chlorophyll content, etc.) and physicochemical characteristics (ascorbic acid, total sugars, etc.) of citrus fruits. This study confirmed the reproducibility of HA and MP applications to improve the yield/quality of citrus and can lead to an organically sustainable citriculture.