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Research Progress on Flavor Compounds and Microorganisms of Maotai Flavor Baijiu

Wang, Ming‐Yao, Yang, Jian‐Gang, Zhao, Qing‐Song, Zhang, Kai‐Zheng, Su, Chang
Journal of food science 2019 v.84 no.1 pp. 6-18
brewing, fermentation, flavor, flavor compounds, markets, microorganisms, odors, volatile compounds, China
Maotai‐flavor liquor is one of the three basic traditional Chinese baijiu and is also the most famous baijiu in the world. Guizhou Maotai baijiu is the representative of Maotai‐flavor liquor, which has a long history of culture and is prepared using unique brewing methods. However, the main flavor of Maotai‐flavor liquor as well as the mechanism by which its aroma is produced is unclear. In this review, the Da‐qu production and fermentation processes for Maotai‐flavor liquor are briefly described along with the flavoring constituents of Maotai‐flavor liquor that have been recently reported. In addition, the volatile compounds and the aroma derived from Maotai‐flavor liquor are discussed. Finally, the microorganisms for the high‐temperature Daqu and fermentation processes of Maotai‐flavor liquor are discussed. PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Maotai is one of the most famous baijiu in China and the most valuable in the market. However, it is unclear what is the key flavor of Maotai and what microbial metabolism is produced. So, if we can figure out the key flavor substances of Maotai baijiu, we can use the various technology to explore the microbes that produce this flavor to understand the mechanism of the production of Maotai. This will not only achieve breakthroughs in academic value, but also bring higher value to Maotai. On this basis, we can brew Maotai baijiu with better quality according to the fermentation mechanism of Maotai.