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Proteomic fingerprinting of apple fruit, juice, and cider via combinatorial peptide ligand libraries and MS analysis

Lerma‐García, María Jesús, Nicoletti, Maria, Simó‐Alfonso, Ernesto Francisco, Righetti, Pier Giorgio, Fasoli, Elisa
Electrophoresis 2019 v.40 no.2 pp. 266-271
Malus, allergenicity, allergens, apple juice, apples, ciders, databases, electrophoresis, fruits, ligands, metabolism, proteins, proteome, proteomics
Combinatorial peptide ligand libraries coupled to MS was applied to extensively map the proteome of apple fruit, and to detect its presence in commercial apple juice and cider to evaluate their authenticity and genuineness. Using the Uniprot_Malus database, 96 proteins were detected in apples, among which 30 proteins were specifically captured via combinatorial peptide ligand libraries. Next, three proteins, previously recognized in fruits, were found in apple juice, which were involved in cellular metabolism of fruit maturation and in allergenic reactions. On the other hand, only one Malus allergen was identified in cider beads eluate, demonstrating that the industrial processes did not prevent any negative effects in sensitive subjects. Thus, the present study not only increases the knowledge of the apple proteome but also offers a reliable analytical method to assess quality and genuineness of commercial products, which could be also used to inform consumers about the presence of allergens.