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Reproductive performance of Ankole cattle and its crossbreds in Rwanda

Manzi, Maximillian, Rydhmer, Lotta, Ntawubizi, Martin, Karege, Callixte, Strandberg, Erling
Tropical animal health and production 2019 v.51 no.1 pp. 49-54
Ankole cattle, Jersey, Sahiwal, calves, calving, calving interval, conception rate, crossbreds, insemination, postpartum interval, purebreds, reproductive performance, suckling, Rwanda
The aim of this study was to assess the reproductive performance of Ankole cattle and its crossbreds with Friesian (F), Jersey (J), and Sahiwal (S). The traits (number of records) studied were calving to first insemination, CFI (797); calving to last insemination, CLI (797); conception rate, CR (4354); number of inseminations, NINS (936); and calving interval, CI (259). The overall means of intervals CFI, CLI and CI, CR, and NINS were 192, 198 and 480 days, 67%, and 1.23 respectively. Breed group was significant (P < 0.05) for all traits except NINS, while season of calving was significant for CFI, CLI, and CI, and season of insemination was significant for CR. The breed group AF had better CR than the purebred Ankole and AS, and AS had lower CR than AJxS and AJ. On the other hand, Ankole (and to some extent AF) had longer CFI and CLI than AJ, AS, and FF. Ankole had 54 days longer CI than all crossbreds taken together. The prolonged intervals CFI, CLI, and CI observed in this study call for proper postpartum anestrus management both in terms of nutrition and calf suckling management.