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Possibility of Recommending Potassium Application Rates Based on a Rapid Detection of the Potato Petiole K Status with a Portable K ion Meter

Shi, Xiaohua, Zhang, Xin, Kang, Wenqin, Chen, Yang, Fan, Mingshou
American journal of potato research 2019 v.96 no.1 pp. 48-54
application rate, crop yield, equations, petioles, potassium, potassium fertilizers, potatoes, rapid methods, soil, tubers, vines
Because of the variations in the K amount required to produce 1 t potatoes and the poor relationship between soil potassium content and potato yield, recommended K-fertilizer rates based on soil tests are unreliable for potato production. This research was set to test the possibility of establishing a potato plant K diagnosis method with a portable K ion meter. The results confirmed the luxury absorption of K by potato. Moreover, the potato petiole K content by a portable K ion meter was linearly related to the vine and tuber K contents as well as the plant accumulated K level. Therefore the petiole K concentration is a good indicator of plant K status. Furthermore, the relationship between the relative potato yield and the petiole K content fits a quadratic equation, thus the threshold petiole K content could be calculated based on the minimum petiole K content at the highest relative yield.