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Green energy generation through PEHF – a blueprint of alternate energy harvesting

Yadav, Jyoti, Yadav, Dinesh, Vashistha, Rajat, Goyal, D. P., Chhabra, Deepak
International journal of green energy 2019 v.16 no.3 pp. 242-255
electric potential, fluid mechanics, harvesting, mathematical models, renewable energy sources
In this work, an attempt has been made to harvest green energy from piezoelectric material using fluid flow in a conduit. Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting using Fluid Flow (PEHF) experimental model has been designed and the outputs obtained are compared with results obtained from simulations using ANSYS (computational fluid dynamics) and also with the mathematical modeling. The PEHF model has been utilized to analyze the effect of flow rate of water with reference to energy extracted. The full wave bridge rectifier and voltage doubler circuits have been used to obtain the direct current (DC) from the PEHF model. It is observed that the output obtained using experiments holds good in agreement with the results retrieved through simulations and mathematical results. The increase in flow rate of fluid leads to initially increase and then decrease in output of PEHF model as the maximum energy generated when flow rates (external force) matches with the frequency of excitation of the systems, i.e., at its resonance. The maximum energy output is generated at its resonance frequencies. It is observed that the full wave bridge rectifier circuit gives greater output as compared to a voltage doubler circuit.