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Rapid method to obtain high quality nuclear and chromosome images directly from living cells in the Characeae

Gargiulo, Gaetano M., Gemelli, Federica, Cambrea, Giuseppe, Ferraro, Giusy Bonanno, Crosca, Alice
Phycological research 2019 v.67 no.1 pp. 72-76
Nitella, alkaline hydrolysis, chromosome morphology, chromosomes, dyes, herbaria, rapid methods, staining
This study focused on a method based on the capacity of cationic dyes to stain only the nucleus and chromosomes in cells subjected to either acid or alkaline hydrolysis. The method and the squash were optimized for the Characeae and were described in detail. Nuclei from vegetative shoot apices and antheridial filament cells of unfixed, fixed and herbarium material of Nitella opaca were investigated using the Azure A or Toulidine Blue stains. Comparisons with some other staining methods, used in the previous studies, were also reported. The Azure A/Toulidine Blue method is useful to obtain clear images of chromosome morphology comparable or higher to that obtained with Feulgen or Aceto‐Orcein. It requires little time and a less complicated procedure in comparison with other staining methods.