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Application of microwave vacuum drying for snack production: Characteristics of pure cheese puffs

Chudy, Sylwia, Makowska, Agnieszka, Piątek, Michał, Krzywdzińska‐Bartkowiak, Mirosława
International journal of dairy technology 2019 v.72 no.1 pp. 82-88
air drying, brittleness, bulk density, cheeses, cutting, hardness, raw materials, sensory evaluation, snacks, vacuum drying, water activity
The aim of the study was to obtain and describe crispy snacks purely made of cheese (also referred to as ‘pure’ cheese snacks) using microwave vacuum drying technology. An acid‐set ripened cheese (Harzer cheese) was tested as the raw material. Cutting, hot air drying and microwave vacuum drying were applied in the technology process. This paper investigates the impact of these processes on the physical properties of the puffs; it also includes sensory evaluation of the resulting product. The cheese pieces expanded by ca. 1000% of their original size with a sharp decrease in the bulk density of the puffed samples. Water activity, hardness and brittleness of the cheese puffs were 0.35, 1511.17 g and 3.20 mm, respectively. The CIE LAB coordinates (in spin position), L*, a* and b*, were 82.81, 1.51 and 20.54, respectively. This paper shows that a new form of dairy product can be produced using microwave technology.