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Recent applications of on‐line supercritical fluid extraction coupled to advanced analytical techniques for compounds extraction and identification

Sánchez‐Camargo, Andrea del Pilar, Parada‐Alonso, Fabián, Ibáñez, Elena, Cifuentes, Alejandro
Journal of separation science 2019 v.42 no.1 pp. 243-257
soil, spectroscopy, supercritical fluid extraction
In a previous review (Sánchez‐Camargo et al., J. Sep. Sci. 40 (2017) 213–227), we discussed the application of on‐line supercritical fluid extraction coupled to chromatographic techniques. This review includes an update of the most recent publications (from January 2016 till June 2018) on this topic, which employs advanced analytical techniques for extracting and identifying valuable analytes. Supercritical fluid extraction has been widely recognized as a green sample preparation technique, because it is efficient, environmentally friendly, powerful, and faster, offering the possibility of direct coupling to analytical instrumental techniques. Among those techniques, supercritical fluid chromatography has experienced an innovative progression in the last 10 years, and the most recent applications of supercritical fluid extraction are coupled to this advanced analytical tool. The general principles, both methodological and instrumental of on‐line supercritical fluid extraction coupled to supercritical fluid chromatography are described here. Besides, applications of the mentioned coupling for analysing biological fluids, food, soil, and botanical samples are also presented and discussed. Finally, a brief description about the very recent on‐line coupling of supercritical fluid extraction to ion mobility spectrometry is presented, as well as concluding remarks about the importance of using these coupled techniques in the near future.