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Counter‐current chromatography melamine‐modified column and its separation mechanism

Quan, Kai‐Jun, Huang, Xin‐Yi, Gong, Yuan, Pei, Dong, Duan, Wen‐Da, Di, Duo‐Long
Journal of separation science 2019 v.42 no.2 pp. 547-555
countercurrent chromatography, enantiomers, melamine, models, solvents, stevioside
In this work, to further verify and develop the novel counter‐current chromatography modified column separate mode, a melamine modified counter‐current chromatography column was prepared. Meanwhile, the modified counter‐current chromatography column was used to separate stevioside and rebaudioside A with the same partition coefficient in chosen solvent system to evaluate its separation efficiency. The results show that because of the presence of intermolecular forces between melamine and model compounds, better separation could be achieved on the modified column while it's almost impossible to be separated on the unmodified column. So the results of this research further show that column modified method is a possible approach to further increase the separation ability of counter‐current chromatography. Take advantage of large sample handing capacity of counter‐current chromatography, the mothed may have great potential to be an efficient method of separation and preparation enantiomer compounds.