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Insecticidal and antifeeding activity of Perilla frutescens‐derived material against the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella L

Kim, Hyun Kyung, Cho, Sun‐Ran, Kim, Gil‐Hah
Entomological research 2019 v.49 no.1 pp. 55-62
Perilla frutescens, Plutella xylostella, active ingredients, antifeeding activity, bioassays, electrophysiology, insecticidal properties, lethal dose 50, sensilla, sesquiterpenoids, spectral analysis
Insecticidal and antifeeding activities against Plutella xylostella were observed using whole‐plant‐derived Perilla frutescens material. The active ingredient in P. frutescens was identified by spectroscopic analysis as the sesquiterpenoid α‐farnesene, which showed insecticidal activity against third‐instar larva of P. xylostella in a leaf‐dipping bioassay based on 24‐h LD₅₀ values (LD₅₀ = 53.7 ppm). The feeding inhibition rate of α‐farnesene was 82.98% against P. xylostella at 10 ppm, and the antifeeding responses were determined using an oscilloscope to detect electrophysiological responses. The electrophysiological responses of the medial styloconic sensillum (MSS) were approximately 7‐fold more sensitive at 100 ppm than those of the lateral styloconic sensillum (LSS). These results suggest that the insecticidal and antifeeding effect of α‐farnesene, which is a P. frutescens‐derived material, can be used as a potential control agent for P. xylostella.