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Different loci associated with root and foliar resistance to sudden death syndrome (Fusarium virguliforme) in soybean

Tan, Ruijuan, Collins, Paul J., Wang, Jie, Wen, Zixiang, Boyse, John F., Laurenz, Randall G., Gu, Cuihua, Jacobs, Janette L., Song, Qijian, Chilvers, Martin I., Wang, Dechun
Theoretical and applied genetics 2019 v.132 no.2 pp. 501-513
Fusarium virguliforme, cultivars, death, genotyping, inbred lines, loci, marker-assisted selection, phytotoxins, root diseases, roots, soybean sudden death syndrome, soybeans
KEY MESSAGE: Different loci associated with root resistance to F. virguliforme colonization and foliar resistance to phytotoxin damage in soybean. Use of resistant cultivars is the most efficacious approach to manage soybean sudden death syndrome (SDS), caused by Fusarium virguliforme. The objectives of this study were to (1) map the loci associated with root and foliar resistance to F. virguliforme infection and (2) decipher the relationships between root infection, foliar damage, and plot yield. A mapping population consisting of 153 F₄-derived recombinant inbred lines from the cross U01-390489 × E07080 was genotyped by SoySNP6 K BeadChip assay. Both foliar damage and F. virguliforme colonization in roots were investigated in the field, and a weak positive correlation was identified between them. Foliar damage had a stronger negative correlation with plot yield than F. virguliforme colonization. Twelve loci associated with foliar damage were identified, and four of them were associated with multiple traits across environments. In contrast, only one locus associated with root resistance to F. virguliforme colonization was identified and mapped on Chromosome 18. It colocalized with the locus associated with foliar damage in the same environment. The locus on Chromosome 6, qSDS6-2, and the locus on Chromosome 18, qSDS18-1, were associated with resistance to SDS phytotoxins and resistance to F. virguliforme colonization of roots, respectively. Both loci affected plot yield. Foliar damage-related traits, especially disease index, are valuable indicators for SDS resistance breeding because of consistency of the identified loci and their stronger correlation with plot yield. The information provided by this study will facilitate marker-assisted selection to improve SDS resistance in soybean.