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Constraints in Sugar Production and Utilization of New Improved Varieties in Enhancing Sugar Productivity in Yunnan Province, P. R. China

Chen, Xuekuan, Zhao, Peifang
Sugar tech 2019 v.21 no.1 pp. 55-61
cash crops, economic sustainability, high-yielding varieties, sugar industry, sugarcane, sugars, China
Sugarcane is a main cash crop in Yunnan Province, and nearly 10% populations of this area are involved in sugarcane cultivation and the industry. However, sugarcane and sugar industry are being confronted with serious challenges in China due to various reasons. Competition and comparing benefits with other crops, high cost, new and high yielding varieties, better technologies and management practices are the major thrust of the sugarcane industry in China. The current government takes action to reorganize this sector for its long-term economic sustainability. Yunnan Province has a sizeable contribution to sugar production in China, and therefore, holistic efforts are underway to improve the sugar productivity per se in the province. A few newly developed potential varieties have been evaluated to meet the need of the sugarcane industry. In this paper, production status and the major constraints along with the potential of bred sugarcane varieties in Yunnan Province are discussed.