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Mitochondrial regulation of airway smooth muscle functions in health and pulmonary diseases

Pan, Shi, Conaway, Stanley, Deshpande, Deepak A.
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics 2019 v.663 pp. 109-119
asthma, calcium, cell communication, energy metabolism, gene expression, homeostasis, mitochondria, muscle physiology, smooth muscle, therapeutics
Mitochondria are important for airway smooth muscle physiology due to their diverse yet interconnected roles in calcium handling, redox regulation, and cellular bioenergetics. Increasing evidence indicates that mitochondria dysfunction is intimately associated with airway diseases such as asthma, IPF and COPD. In these pathological conditions, increased mitochondrial ROS, altered bioenergetics profiles, and calcium mishandling contribute collectively to changes in cellular signaling, gene expression, and ultimately changes in airway smooth muscle contractile/proliferative properties. Therefore, understanding the basic features of airway smooth muscle mitochondria and their functional contribution to airway biology and pathology are key to developing novel therapeutics for airway diseases. This review summarizes the recent findings of airway smooth muscle mitochondria focusing on calcium homeostasis and redox regulation, two key determinants of physiological and pathological functions of airway smooth muscle.