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Improving the tribological performance of epoxy coatings by the synergistic effect between dehydrated ethylenediamine modified graphene and polytetrafluoroethylene

Zhao, Bo, Bai, Tao
Carbon 2019 v.144 pp. 481-491
coatings, dispersibility, epoxides, ethylenediamines, friction, graphene, graphene oxide, polytetrafluoroethylene, synergism
In this study, we exploited modified graphene and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) to improve the tribological performance of epoxy coatings. The modified graphene (RGO-EDA) was obtained by reducing graphene oxide with dehydrated ethylenediamine to improve the dispersibility in epoxy resin (EP) and the interface bonding force between graphene and epoxy matrix. Different concentrations of RGO-EDA were added in the epoxy resin to produce the RGO-PTFE/EP composite coating and the tribological experiments were carried out. The tribological tests showed that the friction coefficient and wear rate of the epoxy coating were both significantly reduced after the addition of RGO-EDA and PTFE. The friction coefficient dropped from 1.121 to 0.139 and the wear rate reduced from 19.23 × 10−5 g min−1 to 15.21 × 10−5 g min−1 compared with neat epoxy coating when 1 wt% RGO-EDA and 10 wt% PTFE were added. The further study indicates the improvement in tribological performance of the composite coating is attributed to the excellent antifriction property of RGO-EDA and PTFE, the good dispersion of RGO-EDA in epoxy matrix and the high interface bonding force between RGO-EDA and epoxy matrix. At the end, a synergistic mechanism between RGO-EDA and PTFE is proposed to explain the improvement in tribological performance of epoxy coating.