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Bioavailability of dissolved organic nitrogen and its uptake by Ulva prolifera: Implications in the outbreak of a green bloom off the coast of Qingdao, China

Xiu, Bin, Liang, Sheng-kang, He, Xing-liang, Wang, Xin-ke, Cui, Zheng-guo, Jiang, Zhi-jian
Marine pollution bulletin 2019 v.140 pp. 563-572
Ulva prolifera, amino acids, ammonium nitrogen, bioavailability, coastal water, coasts, dissolved inorganic nitrogen, dissolved organic nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, nutrition, stable isotopes, urea, water pollution, China
To investigate bioavailability of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) and its contribution to nitrogen demand for Ulva prolifera, a cruise was conducted during a bloom of U. prolifera in Qingdao coastal waters, China, dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) and DON components were investigated. Uptakes of both DIN and DON by U. prolifera were synchronously measured onboard using stable isotope techniques. The contribution of DON to total dissolved N (TDN) was >50% and that of labile components (urea and to amino acids, AA) to DON exceeded 30%. Both DIN and DON were utilized by U. prolifera, which uptake NH4-N preferentially, then urea, NO3-N and AA in turn; whereas the ranking of turnover times from short to long was AA, NH4-N, urea and NO3-N. The high uptake rates and short turnover time of AA and urea indicated that DON may play an important role in the nutrition of U. prolifera.