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Controllable distribution of ultrafine diamond particles by electrostatic spray deposition

Chen, Fengjun, Chen, Haizhen, Zhang, Lei, Yin, Shaohui, Huang, Shuai, Zhang, Guanhua, Tang, Qingchun
Powder technology 2019 v.345 pp. 267-273
atomization, droplets, electric potential difference, electrodes, grinding, liquids, powders, spray deposition, standard deviation
Electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) is a technique with characteristics of uniform atomization and ultrafine powder distribution due to the stable formation of controllable small droplets. Based on this advantage, we demonstrated uniformly distributed ultrafine diamond particles for fabricating thin grinding layer by ESD technique. The atomization spray process of the charged droplets enclosed ultrafine diamond particles in the electrostatic field was revealed. The average number and standard deviation of particles were analyzed to meet satisfactory atomization effect in single droplet. The number, distribution uniformity, and distribution density, distribution range of particles were evaluated quantitatively by regulating electrode voltage, liquid flow, and receiving height. The corresponding optimum values of 781, 88%, 10.4 × 10−3 μm−2 and 5 mm were obtained. Thin diamond abrasive layers at different injection times were formed to preliminarily fabricate ultrafine grinding tool. Results indicate that the distribution of particles on the cross-section of the thin layer was better, with a distribution uniformity of 84.52%.